Westside Therapy...................

offers only one-to-one therapy (it does not offer couples counselling or family therapy)

is a face-to-face talking therapy service 

does not offer telephone counselling

does not offer on-line counselling

does not make home visits

is not an advice line

does not offer any other mental health provision

is not linked to any health care insurance providers

is not an 'managed organisation' and is, subsequently, not able to offer placements to students and volunteers or to 'employ' associate counsellors

is not an ASA (Adoption Support Agency).  In 2010, legislation was implemented to state that only psychotherapists, registered as an ASA with Ofsted, are able to offer specialist adoption services.  This legislation was an amendment to the Children Act 2002 and was designed to ensure that individuals seeking support of this nature would receive it only from therapists with specific training in this field.  If you are adopted, we may still be able to use this service but not if any aspect of your adoption is the main focus of the reason for which you seek counselling.