If you have read through this website and have any questions which have not been answered on these pages, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Similarly, if you have decided that you would like to make a referral, please telephone or text:

07746139113 (Melanie - daytime sessions only) Fiona (07854525787 - Wed evening sessions only) (please leave a brief message containing your name, number, preferred time to return your call and - VERY IMPORTANTLY - if it is safe to leave a message).

If you would prefer, you may email westsidetherapysheffield@gmail.com.


Should you wish to make a referral, please send an email or leave a voice message including ALL of the following information:


Confirmation that you are registered with a GP

Contact arrangements (for when a slot becomes available) - telephone number, preferred time for a return call, if it is safe to leave a message either on your voicemail or with a third party should someone else have access to your telephone

Which of our sessions you are able to attend out of a possible (see 'Lower-Cost Therapy' page for list of Westside Therapy sessions times - we are NOT able to offer sessions at times other than 11 listed)

Brief details of the reason for your referral

Upon receipt of your email, you will receive an acknowledgement and your name will be added to the list. Your message will then be destroyed as Westside Therapy does not keep records in electronic format. You shall then be contacted again when a slot becomes available for you.

Due to this being a lower-cost service, there may be a waiting period until you are able to begin counselling. Clients will be seen strictly in the order that they join the waiting list. Westside Therapy is unable to provide any information about waiting times as this is very much dependent upon the amount of time that individuals choose to remain in therapy (which varies greatly; from just a few weeks to over a year) and which slots are more popular than others (the greater your flexibility, the sooner you might be offered a slot).